Equifax delivers a comprehensive suite of identity screening, verification and authentication tools developed to mitigate fraud, protect privacy, and reduce data loss, while improving user acceptance and satisfaction with online channels.

Equifax solutions provide differentiated value to our customers. Our identity and fraud products allow you to establish and maintain a trusted electronic identity of an individual. Our real-time identity proofing and verification combines robust data sources, statistical modeling, and patented technologies to create distinctive out-of-wallet questions that identify users as unique individuals. Once proofed, a user can immediately register for strong, multi-factor authentication credentials to ensure that every time they return to your portals, they can securely access the data they need.

Equifax is the market leader in providing identity screening, verification and authentication solutions. Equifax pioneered knowledge-based authentication, and owns the original patent for this technology. Our solutions incorporate factors such as device id and velocity to help discern risk, and integrate with policy guidelines to ensure that each applicant is treated appropriately.

The Equifax Identity and Fraud platform provides the following fraud mitigation capabilities:

  • Screen individual elements of an identity for known fraud and potential misuse
  • Verify if an identity corresponds to a real person
  •      – Identify fraudsters attempting to establish synthetic identities by combining or         inventing identities

  • Authenticate that an individual is who they say they are
  •      – Identify consumers attempting to commit true name fraud by using another identity         in an application

         – Recognize repeat attempts to authenticate the same identity

  • Ensure that returning users are secure using strong multi-factor authentication
  • Include fraud scores and reason codes that reduce false positives and facilitate prioritizing manual reviews