Risk Reveal

Did you know that 20% of mortgage loans reviewed* in 2013 had one or more new trade lines during the "quiet period" – the time between the original credit file pull and the closing of the loan?

Undisclosed debt remains one of the largest challenges for investors with a delegated correspondent channel.  Investors need more transparency into the credit activity of borrowers during the underwriting process in order to better mitigate risk, ensure loan quality and drive profitability.

To address this challenge, Equifax has released Risk Reveal™, an automated technology that scans closed loans investors receive from their delegated correspondent lenders to reveal the ones that may pose potential risk.

The value to your business:

  • An efficient review of all delivered closed loans to investors to ensure no new debt was established during the origination period, without interrupting the current funding process
  • A portfolio evaluation alerting only on the loans that require further analysis in terms of
    undisclosed debt and consumer DTI (exception-based alerts)
  • Easy accessibility via Equifax Spectrum™ — our powerful and flexible delivery platform that offers efficient tracking and intuitive ordering screens

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