Increased consumer debt and stricter lending requirements heighten your need for detailed, precise information about your potential borrowers. Equifax helps you combine credit, employment, income and property information with other user-defined criteria to deliver actionable customer intelligence at the point-of-sale. As a result, your front-line employees are empowered to make real-time application decisions that are consistent with your policies.

The value to your business

  • Efficiently originate mortgage loans with:
    • Current, reliable consumer credit data from Equifax
    • Dual and tri-merge consumer data from all three major credit reporting agencies via
  • Validate borrower estimates with access to property valuation data for comp checks
  • Reduce the time and expense of manual verifications with instant, automated delivery of employment and income data
  • Approve more applicants by providing the credit score optimization tools they need to better understand your offer
  • Automate lending and account opening strategies for alignment with business rules, policies and processes, industry best practices and regulations:
    • Cost-effective "plug-and-play" integration to the industry's LOS, AUS and POS systems
    • Superior customer service and industry-leading turnaround time

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