Technology & Security

Available via eMortgage:

Equifax Mortgage Connect
As we continue to answer the needs of our customers, we realize that in today’s market, lenders need to leverage existing investments and infrastructure to reduce costs and streamline their operations. By leveraging MISMO industry standard product and data delivery formats, Equifax Mortgage Connect helps you utilize your existing system connectivity to gain access to the industry’s most complete source of mortgage fulfillment products and services. 

Equifax IntelliMerge
In response to marketplace demands to streamline processes and reduce unnecessary costs, Equifax developed IntelliMerge to help reduce unwarranted credit pulls. Lenders can also streamline the process for ordering updates and even automate the ordering of other closing services according to a lender's policies. Below are some of the features and benefits of using IntelliMerge: 

  • Runs on the same “backbone” as your current tri-merge credit process
  • No new connections needed
  • Easily reuse existing tri-merge credit integration to receive The Work Number® verifications without having to complete duplicate, time-consuming security questionnaires


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