Flood Determination

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LPS National Flood
With more than 20 years of time-tested flood experience, Lender Processing Services (LPS) National Flood provides the reliability, accuracy, and staying power that lenders need. This is why Equifax has teamed with LPS, the leading provider of flood zone determinations.

Through LPS, Equifax offers CertMap® – a free, exclusive product that is an aerial view of the property overlaid with the FEMA Flood Map. This product allows your team to visually identify the proximity to a flood zone. Best of all, CertMap can be provided to borrowers so they can obtain an insurance quote.

LPS Flood Determinations are completed for any residential or commercial property in the United States using one of the largest databases in the country (average 93% hit rate), with automated flood determinations returned in seconds. For those properties that cannot be automated and are completed manually, the average turnaround time is less than four hours. Manual determinations require additional research to locate the subject property and pinpoint the structure location.

The value to your business

  • The latest technology to provide the highest automation rate in the industry – an average of nine out of 10 orders will be returned in seconds
  • A special team of map specialists, available to determine the property’s flood status and return the flood zone determination in a few hours or less
  • A tier-one internet data facility with repetitive, hot-site backup systems so your team will not experience any order disruptions.
  • Accurate and fast reporting with 9 of 10 reports returned in seconds and processing available 24/7
  • Performance monitoring and activity analysis
  • Rooftop geocoding based on parcel maps and aerial photographs
  • Leverages FEMA Flood Map by overlaying the aerial map to show flood risk proximity


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