Your customer data, when well-managed and expertly mined, can yield immense insight and advantages that help increase revenues through informed cross-selling and upselling, and boost customer satisfaction with smarter customer service and communications.

Equifax offers a suite of highly specialized data, advanced technology and expert analytics that help optimize your customer data and transform it into a proprietary resource that gives you a competitive edge in your market. You’ll gain one-of-a-kind insight that helps you:

  • Maximize marketing dollars by defining your ideal customer profile and intelligently targeting business with similar profiles
  • Connect with more small businesses by using data linking technology to identify potential small business owners within your consumer customer base
  • Boost cross-sell/upsell revenues with well-managed customer data that is regularly cleansed, de-duped, updated and enriched
  • Offer higher service levels with fast, one-click access to a master customer information file that reflects all activity associated with a customer—consumer and commercial
  • Benchmark your commercial customer base against the broader small business sector to identify trends, opportunities and risk